ILF Samanvay 2016: Language as Public Action

Festival Dates: November 5-7, 2016


'Language as Public Action'

"Raise your words, Not your Voice.
It is Rain that grows Flowers, not Thunder"

- Rumi

Sabarmati – The Seminal Place

Sabarmati is the red threshold of revolution where we begin to imagine and realise ILF Samanvay as a transformative thoughtscape. This year, Gandhi welcomes and bears witness to our hope, resistance and experiment acrossthe Insider/Outsider earth of artists, writers, performers…

Alaknanda - Art & Articulations

Alaknanda shows the twin problematic of authority/vulnerability in oursites of knowledge and creativity. This orange-flame corridor of transverbal discourses articulates and interprets languageas a flow through and beyond the verbal and the literary in our unsettling times.

Mahanadi - Muse & Musings

Mahanadi is the textual narrative stream that fires up ILF Samanvay. The five focal languages of 2016 - Telugu, Gujarati, Santhali, Urdu and Khasi - feature here. It is also the luminous world that the festival offers the bibliophile–of muses, musings and book launches.

Amaravati - Acknowledging Nature

Amaravati is the core and prana of ILF Samanvay’s mission to acknowledge the genius in everything, nurture democratic cultural interventions, and recognize merit. All our awards and talent searches are housed here, within the lush green heart of our discourse.

Narmada - Newer Horizons to Explore

Narmada is where ILF Samanvay scales itself up to newer horizons—it is our blue-pencil space of translation/ transcreation. This room of voices beckons stakeholders who can facilitate greater cultural exchange, effective communication, and experiments in creativity.

Vaigai - Veritable Workshops

Vaigai is the veritable workshop space at ILF Samanvay--an indigo site reflecting our thought and aspiration to conserve relevant exercises and experiences within a philosophical, methodological Culture Conservatory that will soon emerge from this space.

Ajay - The Active Team

Ajay marks the alert change makers at ILF Samanvay. Its brilliant violent reflects the high-frequency team that works in this foyer on the edge. Our social outreach to assist under-served areas is a major feature of this vertical.

Yamuna - Yearning for More

Yamuna is Delhi’s discursive inner-outer stage—the destiny of the streams that beginwithGandhi’s Sabarmati. Here the spectrum resides in black or white, or reveals itself in colours. Our young-at-heart Yes Band! But our questioning mind, too, that asks, ‘wh-Y?’