ILF Samanvay 2016: Language as Public Action

The Sixth Edition of the IHC Indian Languages Festival is scheduled from November 5-7, 2016, at the India Habitat Centre, under the theme Language as Public Action. It focuses on the confluence of various idioms, and brings into the festival frame, sessions, workshops, discussions and components from languages such as the arts, music, performance, technology along with the literary.

ILF Samanvay hopes to manifest itself as an open interactive space at the crossroads of languages through various types of sequencing, shuffling, churning and harmonising processes, while allowing room for coincidental conjunctions. This would mean that ILF Samanvay is not merely an annual carnival of the literati in India, but a ceaseless enterprise to institutionalise the values fundamental to the co-existence of languages.

Our Vision

ILF Samanvay is a contemporary call to rediscover the genius of Indian languages to interlink, and, thus, create a democratic cultural continuum.

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With 70+ Participants and 26 Panel Discussions at the India Habitat Centre (IHC), the 3-Days of ILF Samanvay 2016 couldn’t get any better.

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Located as it is within the framework of the Indian Language Festival, whose 2016 theme is Language as public action and being situated in the multiple public spaces of the India Habitat Centre (IHC).

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ILF Samanvay 2015

Know more about the #ILF realm by visiting our previous year’s festival ILF Samanvay 2015 Website under the festival theme ‘Insider/Outsider: Writing India’s Dreams and Realities

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Volunteer Registration

ILF Samanvay is looking for enthusiastic individuals with a passion for dialogue and arts to volunteers with us before and during the festival.

Hir Pitara Love Poetry Entries

We invite anyone Under 30 to submit poems by a famous poet in any Indian language; poems that have moved you to love and identify with the language it was written in.

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