Director's Note | Shri Rakesh Kacker - Director, India Habitat Centre

Samanvay, Indian Languages’ Festival initiated by India Habitat Center, by this November will turn four year old. A nation with a collective identity, manifests itself through umpteen languages, spread over a vast and varied, culturally vibrant geographical land mass. It resonates with a rich multilingual, multicultural and evolving heritage that it has been carrying over centuries. Language or ‘Bhasha’, brings forth with it myriad nuances, representative of the mass that converses in it, expressive of their feelings, gestures and sentiments.


Samanvay, the India Habitat Center’s Bhartiya Bhasha Mahotsav is not a mere celebration of the diversity that these languages encapsulate. It is also a reverend exploration and resurrection of a plethora of vernacular languages of India that find expression through innumerable literary and dramatic genres of Poem, Novel, Story, Report, Travelogue, Essay, and Performance by different literary personalities. Samanvay seeks to revisit and explore the beauty of the Indian languages by bringing to the forefront selective writings of the different writers who penned their feelings through the vernaculars. We endeavor to feed the incessant inquisitiveness of minds across the country, with the opulent literary creations establishing an inexplicable relation between the writer and the readers.

The festival also rejuvenates the significance of different languages, explicating the idea that a language not only conveys feelings but also connects so many, brings them together sharing the pleasant harmonious feeling of unity in diversity. The relationship thus established through words is ironically beyond words. The festival engages with the idea of continuity of different eras, thrown apart by the figurative centuries. It incorporates within itself the act of conveying thoughts into words, lyrics and plays. Thus, the festival undertakes a major task of educating the readers, audiences and listeners to what a language which appears simple attempts to convey in its full complexity..


Our heartfelt thanks to our creative directors, advisors, authors, well-wishers, partners and supporters who have come forward with their unstinting support to help us with this initiative.