Hir Pitara Poetry Contest

Is Poetry Dead? When was the last time you read poetry? When was the last time a poet’s verses moved you? Surely, not so long ago.

We invite anyone Under 30 to submit poems by a famous/significant poet in any Indian language; poems that have moved you to love and identify with the language it was written in. It can be a poem or an excerpt from a poem that has made a difference in the language; but not more than 24 lines. You have to send it with your translation of it, and along with it a paragraph about the poet and the poem. Include your bio in the mail too.

Each person can send a maximum of 3 poems. And the poems have to be about Love – any interpretation of love.

  • Why love? Because an eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind; in short we believe love needs a booster pill.
  • Why Under 30? because they are the future.
  • Why Poetry? because poetry simply makes the world a better place.

Once our jury chooses the poems, the sender will be invited to recite the poem and its translation during the ILF Samanvay festival in November.

Let’s bring back poetry

Send your entries to ashlin@ilfsamanvay.org

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