Pritish Nandy reading Bhaskar Chakrabarti’s Poetry

ILF Samanvay Translations Series May 2017
In collaboration with Seagull Books, Calcutta

on 12 May at 7:00pm
at Amaltas, Habitat World, IHC

Featuring readings by poet-journalist Pritish Nandy from Bhaskar Chakrabarti’s trenchant Bengali poetry in its first ever English Translation.. The poems translated by Arunava Sinha, & published by Seagull Books as ‘Things That Happen and Other Poems’ come on the heels of the poet’s rediscovery in the 21 st Century. Pritish Nandy in his inimitable style dwelled on the subtle invocations underlying the poet’s work and read from the text with deep poise. The translator Arunava Sinha took the audience through his tryst with Chakrabarti’s rich poetic world, & reasons for his growing young audience. Vidyun M. Singh, Director Programmes IHC, & Naveen Kishore, Publisher Seagull Books, prefaced the reading with brief remarks occasioning the joy in bringing out the seminal publication.

An ILF Samanvay Presentation in collaboration with Seagull Books, Kolkota.

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