Sangam Unplugged

ILF Samanvay Translations Series – September 2017

6 September at 7:00pm
The Amaltas, Habitat World, IHC

Artist and illustrator Bakula Nayak presented a precious many-splendored project titled Sangam Unplugged that invited the audiences to gently enter, and layer after layer unravel the joyous points in the Sangam way of life and ethos – a journey that she wanted the audiences to experience fully, lest we miss out on a rich and nourishing cultural legacy from the Tamil cultural landscape. Sangam poems and their articulations in dance and music communicated to us with a certain timelessness and high degree of contemporaneity. Her stunning artist collaborators Vasudevan Iyengar and musicians Kottakkal Jayan, Tanjavur Ramamurthi Kesavan, Saraswati Rajagopalan, & Varsha Ramkumar, lend gracious abhinaya, voice & instrumental support.

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