What They Think About ILF Samanvay

"I greatly appreciate the innovative character of the festival, providing openings in many directions"

Aijaz Ahmad
Writer, Educationist
(Distinguished Visiting Prof of Comp Lit and Critical Theory at University of California, Irvine)

"I have found ILF-Samanvay to be thoughtfully conceived, meticulously crafted, attentive to linguistic and literary diversity, as well as a plurality of perspectives, without compromising on that aspect so crucial to all creative and intellectual dialogue: intimacy. In a melee of hastily cobbled-together, often indistinguishable lit fests, it stands apart."

Arundhati Subramaniam
Poet, Critic


"ILF Samanvay's imaginatively structured and inclusive approach to the Indian literatures make it stand out as a unique creative space. Its celebration of multi-vocal voices and its understanding of the contemporary pulse are important to our times."

Namita Gokhale
Writer, Publisher, Festival Organiser
(Co-Director, Zee Jaipur Literary Festival)

"Last century saw the print cartoon extending to animated films; more recently into graphic literature and graphic reportage. ILF Samanvay is going where the cartoon is – into unchartered terrains where image, text and voice meet and debate."

EP Unny
Cartoonist, Writer
(Chief Political Cartoonist, The Indian Express)


"The location of ILF Samanvay in the multi-lingual Indian cultruescape is extraordinary—its festival platform fulfils the deepest aspiration of different communities in India to connect and engage with one another through the organic contexts of their own languages and modes of exchanges. A truly unique space!"

Tamil Writer and Activist

"ILF Samanvay seems the promise as well as embodiment of a space that values the autonomy of artists and thinkers. Humbled to be in as a visual artist."

Riyas Komu
Artist, Curator, Documenter
(Co-founder and Director of Programmes, Kochi Biennale Foundation)


"ILF Samanvay is a literary festival with a difference: it is a celebration of Indian languages and literatures, a spectacular assertion of our rich creative and intellectual diversity and of the inviolable right to free expression in the country."

K. Satchidanandan
Poet, Translator, Critic
(National Fellow, Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla)

"ILF Samanvay is an exciting space of ideas that expands the notion of language beyond the spoken or written and delves into the realm of it being a medium of expression. In the context of India it brings an invaluable paradigm to understand and exchange various shifting perspectives of our present times."

Mandeep Raikhy
Dancer, Choreograher
(Managing Director, Gati Dance Forum, New Delhi)


"Through such initiatives as ILF Samanvay, India will be able to talk to itself without a Tower of Babel situation!"

Aman Nath
Architect, Heritage Conservationist
(Co-Founder and Chairman, Neemrana Non-Hotel Hotels)

"ILF Samanvay is that different kind of literary and creative space where you know that each time you go, you will meet new writing from the Indian languages in all its glory."

Urvashi Butalia
Feminist Publisher, Activist
(Publisher, Zubaan)


"ILF Samanvay - a rich blossoming of languages and voices revealing the many-rooted present in which we live and move and have our being. "

Meena Alexander
(Distinguished Professor of English, Graduate Center/ Hunter College, City University of New York)